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Avoiding Massive Debt After Divorce


How To Avoid Excessive Debt Due To Divorce

Chico Family Law Lawyers for Protection of Your Financial Future

Whether you have substantial wealth and property or only modest assets, divorce almost always represents a major financial turning point. Unfortunately, many people who go through divorce in California find themselves in dire straits once their cases are settled, for reasons such as:

  • Inability to deal effectively with a family home that is seriously “under water” due to the widespread decline in real estate market values all across California
  • Excessive borrowing to cover the costs of divorce litigation, which can mount quickly in complex and intensely disputed cases
  • Failure to account for the increased living expenses that come with establishing separate households, the impact of child support and other financial aspects of life after divorce
  • Financial decisions that have substantial debt and tax implications, such as short sales of marital homes that leave one or both parties to deal with deficiency judgments

Offering Alternatives to Divorce Litigation and Sound Economic Guidance

Our experienced Northern California divorce attorneys believe it is essential to work closely and collaboratively with our clients. We do not encourage aggressive, costly litigation when more collaborative and cost-effective approaches such as divorce mediation can work. You can trust us not only to answer your financial questions thoughtfully and honestly, but to anticipate the costs and implications of key decisions.

At the Rooney Law Firm, we do everything possible to help you plan for life after divorce, with avoiding divorce debt that could be crippling near the top of our priority list. Our decades of experience helping people achieve their goals involving children, property and other issues is invaluable, and we can call on a range of professional resources for specialized counsel on real estate, accounting and tax matters.

Divorce is difficult enough on a personal level without worrying that you may face serious financial distress and even need to file bankruptcy afterward. It is critical to be able to make choices with confidence that you understand their financial implications, and we are dedicated to helping you do exactly that.

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