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Retirement Benefits & Divorce


Retirement Benefits & Divorce Lawyers in Chico, California
As you prepare to divide assets in your California divorce, the question of retirement benefits as an asset may have the most far-reaching impact on your financial future. Long after the divorce is complete, a fair property division settlement may mean that your retirement years are more amply or more sparsely funded by way of the pensions and other retirement income that you have accumulated at the time of the divorce.

Division of retirement income may be achieved through a QDRO (qualified domestic relations order) that provides for separate payout streams from your pension or 401(K) funds when you begin to draw on these assets around the age of 65. As in the case of spousal support, the decision to divide or not divide of retirement funds may be used as a bargaining chip in connection with other assets that may need to be distributed between the two of you when the divorce is finalized: real estate, investment streams, business ventures, stocks and bonds, vacation home, boat, vehicles, collectibles, antiques or heirlooms, for example.

Make sure that your family law attorney vigorously guides and directs you in enforcing full disclosure of assets by you and your spouse. Some assets are not readily apparent, but may make a great difference in the long run. For example, is your wife or husband in negotiation with a business partner regarding a business venture that they plan to start in the near future? This business interest may not be noticeable to many observers — but may, in fact, be a marital asset.

Talk to a divorce and family law attorney at Rooney Law Firm about retirement benefits and your California divorce — and about how to protect your long-term financial interests when splitting retirement assets figures into your property settlement.

Our Approach and Resources Can Make a Difference

As you approach your Chico division of pension, attorney skill and vigor may make a large difference in the outcome. Investment in your future now can prevent financial disaster down the road.

Our criminal defense team is prepared to work together to review all of your and your spouse’s expected retirement income. We can give you reassurance that you are getting a “fair deal” with regard to pensions and other types of expected retirement assets.

California Retirement Benefits in a Divorce: Lawyer Choice Matters

Getting the Right Legal Team Starts With Choosing the Right Attorney

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