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How our attorneys defend you

A Guide on How To Hire The Best Attorney In California

Michael M. Rooney
Supervising Litigation Attorney
President Abraham Lincoln to Harvard School of Law, have opined that a broad set of education and experiences are the best legal training.

You need an individual with the cognitive ability, physical temperament, and aggressive attitude to be your advocate. Look of some or these current qualifications and past achievements and watch for these in any attorney you hire!

The list below may be used as a guide to check on an attorney’s qualifications.

I. What is Your Prospective Attorney’s Winning Record, History of Success and Achievements? (See also sections V and VI below.)

  • Rooney had best winning jury trial record in one county for the year (most wins)
  • The Firm has a handout discussing on his success in over 95% of his trials
  • One Superior Court Presiding Judge noted to Rooney, “This is the only slip and fall plaintiff’s settlement of verdict in my court in six years.”
  • Another presiding judge commented, “That’s the best voir dire I have seen on or off the bench in my thirty years.”
  • Had all felony and misdemeanor cases dismiss in first year of criminal practice
  • Responsible for Asset Forfeiture cases in one county for 2 years-never losing a case
  • Attorney of the Year Awarded-SIX YEARS IN A ROW!

II. Do a California-Consumer Protection Review

  • Do insurance companies trust the attorney enough for him to be insurable under a malpractice insurance policy?
  • Check prospective attorney on the State Bar Website at For a record of State Bar Discipline Actions (For example, one “lawyer” operated for three years in Fresno County prior to being convicted of practicing law without a license!)

III. First time Bar Passer-Law is like parachuting: you want it right the first time!

  • Rooney passed the California Bar Exam the first time & requires all firm attorneys to be first Time Bar Passers
  • Check Law School graduation date & admittance as attorney. Every 6 months was a possible failed Bar Exam, so ask your potential attorney. (We know one person who failed 11 times!)

IV. Does your Attorney Have Advocacy Skills?

  • Rooney was appointed to be the Federal Legislative Representative for the Association of Rural Northern California Energy Providers
  • Rooney has presented to organizations such as Rotary, Lions Clubs, Kiwanis
  • Appointed by Butte County Superior Court as a Mediator

V. What Leadership Positions Has your Attorney Held?

  • Fair Hearing Officer of State Benefit Programs
  • Chief Executive Officer for a multi-locational California Corporation
  • Chief Public Defender
  • Chief Probation Officer
  • Juvenile Justice Commission
  • County Law Library Board
  • Salvation Army Advisory Board
  • Board of Directors for Shasta County Arts Council
  • Director, Butte County Humane Society
  • Administrative Director of the Community Legal Information Center
  • Trial Council Member, Governing Body for Large Native American Tribe

VI. Additional Education, Licenses, Training, Present and Past Memberships. How does your attorney keep abreast of latest technology?

  • American Trial Lawyers Association
  • California Attorneys for Criminal Justice
  • American Bar Association
  • Amador, Butte, Los Angeles, Fresno Counties Bar Associations
  • California Public Defenders Association
  • Mono-Inyo Narcotics Task force
  • Deputy District Attorneys Association
  • Real Estate Broker, Association of Realtors, Board of Realtors
  • Certified General Appraiser-Best of four licenses offered in California
  • Masters of Public Administration degree
  • Bachelor of Arts, English-Graduated with Honors
  • Northwestern Missouri University, Administrative Institute
  • Drug Recognition Expert training as California Peace Officer, also Weapons, Arrest (PC§832), Investigations, and Report Writing
  • Mediation Training and Advanced Mediation Training, Pepperdine School of Law

VII. What Creative and Innovative Achievements

  • Appointed to Implementation Committee for Proposition 36
  • Recognition by Presiding Judge for Creative Alternative Sentencing Ideas
  • Organized, Incorporated, and Brokered California’s First non-profit Real Estate Corporation – Self-Help Realty
  • Drafted three-tiered Housing Plan for Emergency, Low-Income, and Permanent Housing

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