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The claim alleges that the guardrail originally installed by engineers was removed because cars were hitting it.

It likely was, and continues to be, a nightmare for everyone involved. Reports are a family has filed a claim in another state because a man is permanently injured and his wife was killed when their car was struck by a drunk driver. What makes this case different from the usual impaired driver car crash California residents hear about is that alleged negligence on the part of the county and city where it happened are blamed.

Reports explain that a dead-end street above a state highway didn’t have any type of barrier erected to prevent the driver of the other vehicle involved from running out of road and crashing onto the victims below. The claim alleges that the guardrail originally placed at the end of the road was removed, and no barricade or hazardous markers replaced it. The fact that he was high on marijuana, drunk and was using his cellphone isn’t the issue. He has reportedly been held accountable by a conviction of vehicular homicide and assault that is carrying with it a sentence of 11 years prison time.At the time of the accident, the newlyweds were reportedly driving to the airport to begin their honeymoon. When the crash happened, the husband was seriously injured. He remains confused, with ongoing painful skeletal and vision problems. His continuing amnesia caused by the brain injury is viewed by family as a small blessing because of the fatal injuries his wife sustained.

The claim alleges that the guardrail originally installed by engineers was removed because cars were hitting it. A stronger barricade was slated to be installed, and it was – months after the fatal accident. The county and city allegedly didn’t address the dangerous condition that removing the guardrail created, and according to the claimants’ attorney, because those responsible didn’t maintain the safe road as they should have, his clients suffered the consequences.

That state’s procedure requires notice of the claim be given, which starts a 60-day settlement negotiation time period before a lawsuit can be filed. Otherwise, circumstances of personal injury and loss are similar: victims must recover, and they are entitled to seek compensation from those responsible. An advocate with legal skill, experience and compassion can help them get what they deserve.

Source: Claims Journal, “Family Files $16.5M Claim Over Washington Crash” Levi Pulkkinen, Nov. 18, 2014


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