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When the unfortunate happens, victims and their families must seriously consider the means by which their families can recover.

On behalf of Rooney Law Firm posted in Motorcycle Accidents on Friday, April 11, 2014.

For many, there is nothing like riding a motorcycle on the highways and byways of California. Some say the sense of freedom the bike provides is exhilarating. The other side of that coin, however, is the increased risk of motorcycle accident injury that goes along with traveling in an exposed manner.

When the unfortunate happens, victims and their families must seriously consider the means by which their families can recover. Such physical exposure on the road can result in catastrophic injuries that will require much effort and expense. When the time is right, seeking compensation from those proven to be liable may be possible.

A teenager is hospitalized after he was involved in a motorcycle crash with a sport utility vehicle. The Major Accident Investigation Team of the Chico Police Department was brought in to investigate the accident. The seriousness of the 18-year-old’s injuries required a careful accident reconstruction process be undertaken at the West Sacramento Avenue and Gateway Lane intersection.

Reportedly, the victim was riding westbound when an eastbound SUV began to turn left onto the cross street in front of him. The ensuing crash caused the biker to be hospitalized in critical condition. Treating physicians have since upgraded his status to fair. Investigators report the SUV driver was not hurt, and no alcohol or drugs were found to be a factor.

A friend of the victim has reported the injured teen was responding to touch and voices. The police are continuing their investigation, and ask any witnesses who have information about the collision to call it in.

Regardless of whether the driver of the SUV or the victim is charged in the accident, seeking compensation to help with medical expenses, lost wages, long-term care and other needs could help the victim and his family with financial security and emotional recovery. An experienced review of the evidence will allow for an effective approach.

Source: Chico Enterprise-Record, “Chico man injured in Friday crash identified, in fair condition” No author given, Apr. 08, 2014


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