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Car manufacturer Audi has recently announced a plan to help make more information available to drivers.

Pedestrian accidents never seem to receive as much attention as a serious car or truck accident, although in many cases the injuries to the victim are just as severe. Drivers may not see those in crosswalks, leaving the victim defenseless against an oncoming vehicle. In pedestrian crosswalk cases, the pedestrian often takes the full impact of the crash, with very little time to react and avoid the vehicle.

It is not uncommon for these accidents to result in death for the pedestrian. Alex Kirst, former drummer for Iggy Pop, was recently struck and killed as he walked along Date Palm Drive in Cathedral City. Investigators determined that a white Chevy Tahoe or GMC Yukon apparently struck Kirst and fled the scene. There was no evidence that the driver made any attempt to stop before he or she drove into Kirst.

Local officials have asked residents to help them find the driver of the SUV. Kirst was the sixth pedestrian to die on valley-area roads in seven weeks.

With the number of pedestrian accidents increasing, reducing the number of accidents has become a top priority for those in the area. Nationally, efforts are underway to make drivers more knowledgeable about the conditions they may be facing when heading out on a trip.

Car manufacturer Audi has recently announced a plan to help make more information available to drivers. The initiative is focusing on improving driver behavior by analyzing the conditions of the route that will be traveled. This information will then be sent to drivers to help them reduce the amount of stress and potential risk of accident.

The plan calls for studies of roadways to learn how they change depending upon the situation. For instance, how do sporting events or accidents change the traffic flow over time? Do these events increase foot traffic? Is there a safer route to avoid rush hour traffic? Where are the trouble spots that should be most concerning to drivers?

Once this information is compiled, it needs to be relayed to drivers in the area. Researchers will be studying the most effective way to pass along the details that will allow drivers to plan the route that is best for them.


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