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Make a note of the date and the time that you experience each symptom.

Make a note of the date and the time that you experience each symptom.

When you are involved in a car accident that causes injuries, you will need to seek medical care. The medical care that you receive is an excellent record that you can present in court. Besides the medical records for care that are associated with the accident, you should also keep a record of any pain or injury that is related to the accident.

When you are making records of your injuries or pain that you are suffering, you should be as detailed as possible. Start keeping your record immediately after the accident. Generally, courts will look more favorably on records that are made as soon as possible after the accident.

Make a note of the date and the time that you experience each symptom. This is one way that you might be able to tie the symptoms you are experiencing to the injuries you suffered in the accident. In some cases, such as with neck injuries, you might not experience symptoms for a few days after the accident.

Another important thing for you to keep detailed records of is the effect that your injuries have on your life. You should note all work that you miss. You should also make notes about daily activities that you can’t do because of your injuries or the pain you are in. All of this can play a part in the amount of compensation you might be awarded.

While it might seem like a hassle to keep such detailed records, it can have a positive impact on your case. Make sure that you only share your records with your legal representation. Don’t share it with anyone else until you are advised by your counsel to do so.

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