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The death of movie actor Paul Walker and plaintiff's husband on Nov. 30, 2013 was caused by the negligence and false advertising of Porsche

A widow claims her husband was driving his car at 55 mph when he lost control, and it crashed. Police and engineers from the automobile manufacturer collaborated in an investigation. They reportedly concluded 94 mph was the speed on impact, and no mechanical malfunction of the Porsche Carrera GT was revealed. A California jury trial has been requested by the woman to ascertain which of these car accident facts is true.

When single-car crash fatalities include both driver and passenger, a careful evaluation of the facts can help survivors determine if negligence played a role in their loss. The death of movie actor Paul Walker and plaintiff’s husband on Nov. 30, 2013 was caused by the negligence and false advertising of Porsche, according to the complaint. The plaintiff contends Porsche advertised the 2005 model’s racecar design, and that it was authorized for racing. However, she claims the automaker failed to include crash protections such as a racing fuel cell and functioning crash cage.

According to the widow, the defendant’s lack of racing fuel cell in the car, which would have prevented the fire that engulfed it, directly affected the survivability of a crash. The loss of control itself was allegedly caused by a malfunction of a suspension component. Attempts by the driver to correct the steering failure didn’t work, and that resulted in it careening off the highway, crashing and catching fire.

The wrongful death lawsuit requests a jury trial, costs and unspecified damages. Evidence will include claims that Porsche hadn’t warned owners in any way or improved the safety of the vehicle despite its involvement in several fatal crashes.

Celebrity status makes this case newsworthy. For all California residents, however, legal recourse is available for survivors to seek compensation and accountability that may help in their recovery. The first step is to gain an understanding of options and remedies that may be useful, and developing the proper strategies to move forward.

Source:  Courthouse News Service, “Porsche Blamed for Paul Walker’s Fatal Crash” Matt Reynolds, May. 14, 2014


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