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Another reason highlighted in the study concentrates on the construction of safety features in most automobiles.

It is fair to say that most residents of the United States are aware that weighing too much is not good for their health. In addition to raising the risk of diseases such as certain cancers, diabetes and heart disease, the extra weight can also cause strain on other body parts such as knees, making getting around a painful proposition.

A recent study indicates there is yet another reason that it is a good idea for those in California, and beyond, to watch one’s weight. The study found that drivers considered to be obese are more likely to perish as a result of car accidents. According to the study the difference is not a small one. Car occupants who have a BMI of 40 or higher are 80 percent more likely to die than those whose BMI is in the normal range.

One reason for this difference is likely due to preexisting medical issues that individuals who are overweight often encounter. These conditions can make it difficult to recover from a car crash, particularly if the injuries suffered are catastrophic.

Another reason highlighted in the study concentrates on the construction of safety features in most automobiles. While most cars are equipped with safety features, those features are generally designed to protect individuals who are in a healthy weight range. An example of this is the way in which seat belts in vehicles are positioned. In more obese people it fails to hit car occupants in the correct places, which does not hold them in place when a collision does occur.

Of course car crashes have the potential to result in fatalities regardless of how much the individuals involved weigh. When a serious auto accident does occur that results in death, the aftermath can be devastating, not only emotionally, but financially as well. Accordingly, in some situations family members of the deceased find that seeking financial damages via a wrongful death lawsuit is a good way to address the matter.

Source: Reuters, “Obese Drivers up to 80% More Likely to Die in Car Crashes,” Mark Chalon Smit, Jan. 31, 2013

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