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So-called fender-benders aren't the type of accident meant here.

There are a few common sense things one must do after a car wreck in California. First and foremost, injuries must be treated. As we stress on our car accident information page, the moments, hours and days right after an accident can be critical for anyone injured. And we don’t mean just for medical needs.

If injuries allow, speaking with police and dealing with damaged property is necessary. But when it comes to your insurance adjuster or someone from the insurance company of others involved in the crash, it’s best not to say anything until you’ve consulted with a lawyer. The reason for this caution is that conversation with and comments to insurance company personnel could jeopardize the value of your claim.

So-called fender-benders aren’t the type of accident meant here. Exchanging insurance information between parties when there are no injuries, and sometimes even no police involvement, is usually routine. But when anyone involved has been injured, things change. Other than answering initial police questions, making any kind of statements to adjusters or investigators without the benefit of counsel can be detrimental to obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled.

Another reason to immediately contact an attorney is to be sure someone knowledgeable is overseeing any medical care needed. After emergency treatment, a plan might be vital to ensure proper physical recovery is realized by victims. Coordinating the anticipated costs of such a plan with insurance claim factors can prevent unexpected problems.

Doing one’s best not to overlook any aspect of the accident, treatment, financial and emotion needs can be difficult without help from someone with experience. Insurance companies want to minimize payouts. Other parties involved in the accident might try to deflect accountability. It’s beneficial to have an advocate participating in the investigation and keeping tabs on the evidence and accumulating medical bills.

Your job is to recover from injuries and restore normalcy as much as possible. Our job is to do what it takes to provide for you and your family all the compensation you deserve.


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